Our great grandfather Victor arrived in Canon-Fronsac for the first time in 1905. The beautiful, rolling hills covered with vines charmed him just as much as the local schoolteacher with whom he fell in love. Little did he know those vineyards were often claimed to be the original birthplace of Bordeaux wine. Elizabeth taught him how the wine made in Fronsac used to be reserved for French kings, and that the Duke de Richelieu lived there overlooking the village.
Canon-Fronsac is the typical small AOC showing you Bordeaux wines which combine exquisite quality, value, and tradition still exist. Wineries here are mostly family-owned and can be traced back generations. It is also the perfect place to grow Merlot, our grape variety of choice.

Our family likes to focus on Bordeaux’s smaller, lesser-known AOCs. We believe these are the places where one can find the best and most genuine wines, as well as people. Only from there can we share our passion for a more simple, traditional lifestyle where the care we put into our wines and the relationships it allows us to form matters the most. These small AOCs are, to us, what Bordeaux is truly about.

Ponty Winery

The Location


Canon Fronsac is located on the right bank of Bordeaux, ten minutes away from Pomerol and Saint Emilion, its closest neighbors. It also touches the Fronsac AOC. It covers around 200 hectares, with 40 different Chateaux.


Our family has always been an advocate of Merlot in our right bank vineyards. We love Merlot’s versatility and find it better suited for the capricious climate of Bordeaux. Merlot’s expression in Bordeaux is one of its best. In some wines, we also use a small percentage of Cabernet Franc in the blend.


Bordeaux’s weather is known to be capricious, but we find ourselves lucky with the specificities of Canon Fronsac’s weather. Being located between the Dordogne river and the hills of Fronsac, we usually avoid the worst episodes of hail and frost, and always manage to feel a cool breeze in the summer.


Our vineyard soils reflect the characteristics of Bordeaux’s right bank: mostly limestone and clay, with the typical “Molasse du Fronsadais” that can be found in the upper levels of some of our vineyard soil. Our Renouil Vineyard is located on the hillside of Fronsac, the Pavillon Vineyard on the lower plateau.


We like to give our vines time to mature, and believe that while old vines do not produce as much quantity, their quality is unmatched. The average age of our vines is 45 years, with some plots of Château du Pavillon and Château Grand Renouil being 60 to 85 years old. Our usual yield is 40 to 45 hl/ha, with only 25 t0 30 hl/ha for Château Grand Renouil.


The Ponty Vineyard covers 13 hectares over the Canon Fronsac and Bordeaux AOCs. All plots are fairly close to each other: No more than 10 minutes walk separates each of them. Each wine is also made from a single plot of vineyard to really emphasize the characteristic of this terroir.


We manage our vineyard using sustainable farming practices, and are starting to put in place a strategy of conversion to organic farming practices. As of today, we do not use any herbicide in our vineyard. All of the work we do is manual. We prefer to do our work by hand instead of machines to ensure each grape is harvested with expert care.

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The Estate

Tasting & Tours

Our winery is open five days a week for tastings and tours by our winemaker Michel Ponty, as well as during the week-end by appointment.

The Estate


We like to share our life at the winery through our homemade videos. Take a look at our Youtube channel and send us a message if there’s anything you’d like us to make a video about.

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3 rue du Port de Fronsac, 33126 Fronsac, France