Five Generations Ago

Message from Michel Ponty

Our family winery was started in 1905 by Victor Ponty. Victor was not a local of Bordeaux; he moved from the French region of Correze to follow his passion of making wine. Things did not come easy for him: He had to work very hard to gain acceptance in his home and spent more than twenty years learning winemaking before starting his own winery.

Five generations of our family have been dedicated to making great wine, but it’s not just wine that we make. It’s joy delivered to you in a bottle. It’s memories that you will create. For all the great bottles that we have opened, and all the great vintages that we have produced, there are so many fond memories.


Ponty is a boutique family winery located in Canon Fronsac, on the right bank of Bordeaux. Founded by Victor Ponty in 1905, it is now owned by Helene Ponty, 5th generation of the family. We produce traditional handcrafted wines from the small, lesser-known AOCs of Bordeaux.

For us, each wine, each vintage, is associated with the memories we created that year. Dinner with friends, celebrations, milestones. but also hurdles that we overcame. Opening a bottle from a certain year reminds us of what we accomplished together and contributes to creating more memories.

The Estate

Tasting & Tours

You are always welcome to visit us at our winery in Canon Fronsac. We recommend making an appointment to ensure an optimal tasting experience.

If you can’t make it to Bordeaux yet, locate the stores carrying our wines close to your home.


Current release

Château Grand Renouil

Consistently rated in the top wines of Canon Fronsac, Château Grand Renouil faded into obscurity after the revolution but was resurrected by the Ponty family in 1938. The 100% Merlot vines that they planted are now more than 80 years old and give a wine of such immense richness and depth that it has been dubbed “The Petrus of Fronsac”, although at 9,000 bottles per year, its production is much more private than its famous neighbor. Opulent, intense, yet very elegant, this wine will make an impression.

Grand Renouil 2012 no background-small

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