The story of our winery, the Ponty Winery, starts in 1905. Victor Ponty came from a large family of farmers from the French region of Correze, but he yearned for a different way of life. Victor was passionate about wine, and was inspired by the idea that he could bring people together, create love, and mend friendship through wine. However, he originally shied away from a world that seemed so different from his.

One day, finding himself lost in the small village of Fronsac in Bordeaux, a chance encounter with a soft-spoken (and beautiful!) school teacher helped him realize that there were small villages where winemakers cared most about craft, authenticity, and the experience of enjoying wine together. She introduced him to the time-honored expertise of the local vintners, the purity and simplicity of their rituals, and their seemingly innate sense of winemaking derived from years of observing their ancestors. Victor made it his life’s mission to preserve this philosophy and pass it on to his son and grandson. Today, his inspiration still guides all of our work in the vineyard and the cellar.


We do not settle for anything less than the highest quality in everything we do.


Happiness is contagious, and we believe wine is one way to share happiness. We are the type of people who always see the glass as half full. And if it’s not, then we fill the glass until it is.


We believe that the best things in life are not necessarily the most expensive. Nature and relationships should be uncomplicated.

Hard Work

All of our happiest moments can be enjoyed, because we worked hard to enjoy them.


We are a family company and care about each other, as well as everyone around us. We act with a purpose, look for the “why” behind our decisions, and seek to create meaningful relationships.


We believe it is important to enjoy what we do, the people we work with, and the people who enjoy drinking our wine. We work hard to make it easier for others to enjoy being around us.

Our Philosophy

The best wines are not always the most expensive, but the ones we share. George Brassens

Our Timeline


Founding of Ponty Winery

Victor Ponty discovers the village of Canon Fronsac, on the right bank of Bordeaux, and falls in love with a local school teacher named Elizabeth. He decides to settle in Canon Fronsac and spends 20 years learning winemaking from local vintners.



Purchase Château du Pavillon

Impressed by his dedication, the owners of Château du Pavillon decide to choose Victor to take over their vineyards after they retire. Victor finally has his own estate.



Second Generation

Victor's son Jean joins the winery and purchases the Château Grand Renouil Vineyard to expand the family winery.



Second World War

Château du Pavillon is requisitioned for German soldiers during the war. Victor and his family are forced to live in the attic. Despite their insistence, he famously bars them from entry to his wine cellar.



Third Generation

Jean's eldest son Francois joins the family winery. He helps develop clientele in the North of France and in Belgium. We also start producing Chateau Grand Renouil's second wine, Petit Renouil.



Fourth Generation

Michel Ponty joins the winery and takes over from Francois. At the same time, he decides to create Canon Fronsac's first white wine: Blanc de Grand Renouil.



Fifth Generation

Michel's daughter Helene joins the winery and helps develop our export markets, particularly in China, where we open an office to control our distribution in this growing market.